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Bay Hotel Singapore serves up renowned Hotpot

Over 50 choice ingredients featuring succulent seafood and premium meat platters and more, with 4 signature broths to choose from in this highly popular hot pot haven.

Why Diners Love STREET 50’s Hot Pot

A vastly popular dining option across several parts of Asia, the famous hot pot (known as steamboat to some) is a scrumptious way to bond with family, friends and even business associates. With the growing trend of bonding over hot pots, be it as a couple or informal gathering, foodies are spoilt for choice with the multitude of hot pot restaurants in Singapore It is easy to find groups of people coming together, chatting over steamy pots of tasty soups and growing closer as they merrily chow down on freshly cooked ingredients.

At STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar, we understand how this dining trend has become a huge part of the Singapore food culture (which is massive on this small island), and have spared no effort in deftly preparing our menu to make it the best possible choice for all hot pot lovers. Read on to find out why our diners have stepped into our restaurant and kept coming back for more.

Feast for the Eyes, Treats that warm hearts and tummies

Available in both a la carte and buffet style, our hot pot menu boasts an admirably extensive range of over 50 ingredients from unlimited servings of healthy greens to fried specialities and premium platters of fresh seafood to delicious meats. What really impresses hot pot enthusiasts though, is how we start the meal big with not one just one or two, but three choices of lovingly-prepared soup bases!

STREET 50’s Imperial Chicken Broth is a true classic – soup base that has been brewed for at least 5 hours, allowing the flavours of every ingredient to exude freshness and a natural hint of herbal sweetness. Not to mention, it’s an excellent choice for the health-conscious. The other much sought after soup base is the Siamese Luck Tom Yum Broth, which is delicately spiced and catering to diners who have more fiery palates. The Indonesian style Bakso broth is equally well-received. Both healthy and delicious, it’s a broth that meatball lovers crave and converts cave in to their newfound desire.

What’s ironic and unique about this communal feasting is that our broths are served in individual Chinoiserie chic pots, adding a visual treat to the mouth-watering ensemble of dishes awaiting your eager orders.

Simply Spoilt for Choice, Something for Everyone

Upon stepping into the restaurant and browsing our menu, you’ll find dishes aplenty to choose from, all of which are perfect for hot pot. We have set menus for up to 4 persons, and a la carte orders for diners who would like further variety and heightened marginal utility to round up their meal.

STREET 50’s vegetable platters include a wide range of well…vegetables, including Enoki mushrooms, white cabbage, baby kailan, dried seaweed, Thai lettuce and a selection of noodles or rice. Choices for seafood include Red Grouper fillets, white clams, sliced squid, Canadian scallops, flower crabs and red prawns. There are also familiar all-time favourites like fish balls, crab sticks, chicken franks and sliced chicken, for that added home-cooked flair. As for meat lovers, we have the freshest of sliced beef and pork that are sure to satisfy their cravings!

Feasting From Night till Morning on Weekends

Buffet is available from Fridays to Sundays, from 6:30pm onwards. Aside from tasty broths, fresh seafood and succulent meat items, hot pot lovers can look forward to premium platters of Wagyu beef, bamboo clams, scallops, sea cucumbers and Kurobuta pork. Accompaniments like healthy greens, noodles and rice complement the meal.

Best Time for Hot Pot?

Hot pot is a great way to get your best friends and closest loved ones together. This makes it the ideal choice for reunions, gatherings or simply bonding amongst family and loved ones, friends and colleagues. It’s also a healthy alternative for those seeking less greasy options, giving you perfect reasons to indulge in your all-time comfort food.

One of the best times to enjoy hot pot is during rainy days, since freshly cooked food from the hot pot provides a steady stream of soul-comforting warmth. With all that being said, hot pot is something one can enjoy any time you feel like it and whenever you feel cool about it!

For enquiries and reservations, contact us here or give us a call at 6818 6681.